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Geospatial Information Science Research Center (GISRC)

The Centre for Advanced Power & Energy Research (content/CAPER-2282) was established in 2012 by the University Research Committee. The aim of content/CAPER-2282 is to develop and be a forefront in research on power system so that the existing and soon to be developed electrical power system in Malaysia will operate optimally and economically (no waste).

The existence of content/CAPER-2282 will be a reference point in solving power system problems for other institutions of higher learning as well as testing and collaboration centre for utility (TNB) and related industries. In essence, it will be a one-stop centre for electric power system problems. Currently, the electrical power system is required to operate in critical stability limit caused by electrical power deregulation. With the increment of power demand and anxiety of fossil fuel usage in conventional generating plant, the new paradigm of electrical power generation commercially and technically in the whole world becomes more important.

Thus, continuous and detailed study should be conducted to ensure the electricity supply is available and in safe condition. This research centre is capable of generating intellectual property in the field of power electrical engineering field and continuous income generation through short-term courses that will be offered, offering continuous development programme in the efficient management of electrical energy along with The Energy Commission, in consultation activities and equipment leasing. Therefore, the establishment of content/CAPER-2282 at the Faculty is very much needed to intensify its research work in the field of electrical power engineering

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