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Geospatial Information Science Research Centre (GISRC)

The centre used to be one of the excellence laboratory known as SNML (Spatial and Numerical Modeling Laboratory) in Institute of Advanced Technology (ITMA), UPM. It was one of the highly productive laboratory, being a 5 star laboratory (2010) and 2011 MyRa achievement at 124.9% (beyond the 100% maximum). GISRC focused on three research fields which are Geospatial Information System, Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling

After 12 years in existence, the branding is important as government institutions and industry knows GISRC as the leading spatial centre in this country:

a)National Committee on Mapping and Spatial Data - This is the highest level committee on Mapping, chaired by Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan, with Royal Malaysian Military as one of its members. It formultes national mapping and spatial data policies. Without a Spatial Entity at UPM, we may lose representation in this National Committee. 

b)User Expert Group in the formulation of Razaksat II, Malaysia's third imaging satellite due for launch in 2015. With our GISRC platform, we have been regularly invited by the Malaysian Space Agency (ANGKASA) to provide input into the planning for Razaksat II. 

c)MaCGDI, Malaysian Centre for Geographic Data Interchange has sent batches of trainees from various government agencies for GIS training at GISRC in the past. Their trust and confidence has helped foster an excellent GISRC-MaCGDI relationship and network.

d)Representation in the National Committee of GeoSpatial Data Standards, secretariat SIRIM. 

e)Participation in research programs organized by the Agensi Remote Sensing Malaysia (ARSM). During the lifespan of Razaksat I, GISRC was specially invited to lead 3 of these projects. With the anticipated launch of Razaksat II, GISRC (if we continue to exist) is expected to be again invited for some key roles.

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