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Housing Research Center (HRC)

Objectives of the AMRC

1.To establish a centre of excellence for advanced learning, research and development in the field of aerospace technology and manufacturing
2.To promote aerospace research and commercialisation
3.To strengthen close collaboration with industries, government agencies,  public and private institutions both locally and internationally
4.To support national interests through aerospace research and activities

Vision of AMRC
   ---> To be a renowned research centre in aerospace technology and manufacturing

Mission of AMRC
   ---> To serve and facilitate interdisciplinary research activities in the field of aerospace

Justification of the AMRC Establishment
1.To strengthen a network between the universities (IPTAs) and industries for the purpose of conducting joint research activities
2.To generate and coordinate the research activities and consultation work in the field of aerospace between the universities (IPTA) and industries both locally and internationally
3.To form a pool of scholars and to develop more credible expertise which are in line with the status of UPM as the lead university in the niche areas such as aerospace engineering, manufacturing and advanced materials.
4.To conduct research that is able to generate products that can be commercialised which benefit humankind

AMRC Key Research Members
1.Dr. Mohamed Thariq Bin Hameed Sultan (Department of Aerospace Engineering)
2.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faizal Bin Mustapha (Department of Aerospace Engineering)
3.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rizal Bin Zahari (Department of Aerospace Engineering)
4.Assoc. Prof. Dr.- Ing. Surjatin Wiriadidjaja (Department of Aerospace Engineering)
5.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamarul Arifin Bin Ahmad (Department of Aerospace Engineering)
6.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abd. Rahim Bin Abu Talib (Department of Aerospace Engineering)
7.Prof. Ir. Dr Mohd Sapuan Bin Salit (Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)
8.Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd. Amin Bin Mohd Soom (Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering)
9.Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Zurina Binti Zainal Abidin (Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering)

Research Focus of AMRC
1.Structural Health Monitoring/Management (SHM)
2.Aerodynamics, Designs and Aerospace Applications
3.Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAVs) Design
4.Advanced Materials and Processes
5.Space Systems and Rocketry

Targets toward the Establishment of AMRC
1.Publications (Q1 and Q2)
2.Research Grants (Local and International)
4.Networking (Industries, Universities, Agencies)

Contact us:
Dr. Mohamed Thariq Bin Hameed Sultan,
Head, Aerospace Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC),
Level 7, Tower Block, Faculty of Engineering,
43400 UPM Serdang,

Tel : +603- 8946 6484
Email : thariq@upm.edu.my / najatdalila@upm.edu.my



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