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Industry Training Guide

Industry Training Implementation Guide

 Pre-Industry Training

A. Responsibility of the Faculty

  1. Establish Industrial Training Unit to coordinate industrial training matters;
  2. Identify students who are required to undergo industrial training and prepare students to plan for suitable placement for industrial training;
  3. Update the list of venues for industrial training in the Industrial Training System (eLITS) for students to refer to;
  4. Provide guidelines of the scope of training to help the industry understand the training needs;
  5. Provide briefing on Industrial training to students;
  6. Make follow-up contacts with the industry for each application of industrial training placement if no response is received within the prescribed period;
  7. Inform the students about the outcome of placement;
  8. Ensure that every student has the appropriate industrial training;
  9. Help students get a new placement if an application is rejected by the industry;
  10. Faculty reserves the right to reject industrial training placement chosen by the student for good reasons such as security problems, unsuitable venue, the difficulty to monitor and poor track record of previous service given.

BResponsibility of Students

  1. Attend all industrial training briefings held by the faculty;
  2. Refer to the Industrial Training Unit / Department Coordinator, regarding the choice of place for the industrial training to ensure that both the place and the scope of training are appropriate;
  3. Refer to the Industrial Training System (eLITS) when deciding a place, prepare resume and verify placement;
  4. Make the application for industrial training placement through the Faculty;
  5. Rejecting a placement after receiving an offer letter without the authorisation of the Industrial Training Unit of the Faculty is not allowed;
  6. Provide living facilities, accommodation and transportation during the training;
  7. Register industrial training courses in the Student Information System (SMP) within the specified period.

Implementation of Industrial Training

A. Responsibility of the Students

  1. Report upon arrival at the industrial training venue on the specified date and time;
  2. Understand the scope of work to be done, policies and procedures, safety rules and other related matters;
  3. Planning for activities during industrial training through discussions with industry supervisors by referring to the scope of the training guidelines set by the faculty;
  4. Comply with the planned activities for the duration of the industrial training;
  5. Return the Confirmation Form Personal Report (OPR / TNC (JINM) / BR01/LI) certified by the industry supervisor to the faculty;
  6. Complete the log book of activities that have been carried out on each day / week;
  7. Ensure that log books are reviewed and signed by the supervisor to confirm  activities that have been completed;
  8. Take note of the date of supervision by the monitoring lecturer;
  9. Prepare a report to be presented to the monitoring lecturer  (if necessary);
  10. Protect the good name of the University and abide by the rules during the training period.

B. Responsibilities of the Faculty

  1. Ensure that every student is covered by insurance by getting the confirmation from the Division of Student Affairs;
  2. Plan activities about the supervision by the monitoring lecturer;
  3.  Inform the industrial supervisor and the students of the date of supervision.

Post-Industrial Training

A. Responsibility

  1. Send the log book and the industrial training report (in hardcopy and / or softcopy) within the specified period;
  2. Present the report (if necessary) at the specified date;
  3. Present support documents for absences (e.g., medical certificate and application for leave form approved by the industrial supervisor);
  4. Meet all industrial training evaluation criteria to ensure good results are obtained. 


B. Responsibilities of Faculty

  1. Specify the percentage of the distribution of scoring and evaluation criteria for industrial training;
  2. Make known the evaluation criteria to students, lecturers and monitoring lecturer of the industry;
  3. Ensure that the scoring is based on the following:
    • Evaluation by the officer / monitoring lecturer;
    • Assessment by industry supervisors;
    • Assessment based on the reports, log books and presentations.
  4. Provide effective implementation of industrial training report (OPR / TNC (JINM) / BR01/LI) within 4 weeks after students complete their industrial training.

Updated:: 13/07/2017


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