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AERO-Putra Space win Best Video Award in the Global Space Ballon Challenge 2016

Pelancaran ke-3 Aero-PUTRA Space High Altitude Balloon di Felcra Seberang Perak, Malaysia



AERO-Putra Space win 'Best Video Catgory' in the Global Space Ballon Challenge 2016

Serdang, June 10, 2016. The students of Aerospace Engineering Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia won the first place for 'Best Video Category' in the Global Space Balloon Challenge 2016.

The team led by second-year student, Mohd Fazri bin Sedan (178141) with other undergraduates and graduates students and alumni of the Department. Global Space Balloon Challenge (GSBC), organized by Students for the Exploration and Development of Space ( and the Space Generation Advisory Council ( is a high-altitude balloon competition in international level. GSBC provides a platform to showcase their next generation of high-altitude balloon technology. In 2016, a total of 407 teams from 54 countries have sent their teams including Malaysia. GSBC also sponsored by Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Michigan.

"The intention of our project is to create sharing knowledge with the community and also make a high altitude balloon as a platform for scientific research in near-space," said Dr. Syaril Azrad Md Ali, adviser for GSBC UPM project.

A total of 9 categories GSBC contested in 2016, including a Best Experimental, Best Video, Best Picture and Best Education Initiative. For the first time, Universiti Putra Malaysia has won the Best Video category and a cash prize of USD 300. In addition, UPM is the only university in Asia to successfully win one of the categories contested. Their achievemnt which covered the study in High Altitude Balloon (HAB) Based System for Aerosol Sampling, Low-Cost Near-Infrared Agricultural Imaging Subsystem using High Altitude Balloon (HAB) and Smart Memory Alloy Study Platform in High Altitude Environment has produced innovations in research high altitude balloon Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Throughout the competition that was held from 11 April to 9 May 2016 located in their respective countries, the Team Aero-SON has launched high-altitude balloons by 5 to reach a height of between 20-38 km above sea level. "This game is the best platform for engineering students to experience and apply their knowledge to real-world problems while competing at the global level," said Dr. Ahmad Salahuddin Mohd Harithuddin one of the lecturers involved with this competition. Among the criteria taken into account in selecting the winner of the best video category is unique, special effects and an interesting video presentation. The video also showcases champion landscape of paddy fields around Teluk Intan, Perak, using drones.Watch video launching at di

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