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We offer fully accredited engineering course tailoring to the current needs of the process and food engineering industries both in Malaysia as well as globally. Since its establishment, the Department has already produced over 1000 graduates that are currently having successful careers not only in the food processing industry but also in nutraceutical, chemical, packaging, and other related industries.  We are also producing food engineers that are well prepared to embark for further graduate or professional school research programmes.

The Department has excellent qualified academic members, with 28 staffs having Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) qualifications and four of them are professors. Six of the academic members have professional engineer status and another four members have chartered engineer status.

The Department offers accredited Bachelor of Process and Food Engineering with three specialized options namely Food Engineering, Bio-Material Process Engineering, and Processing Machine Design Engineering. Students may take one of the options in the fourth year of their bachelor studies. The Food Engineering option emphasizes the application of the process engineering principles and concepts for food processing industries whereby the Bio-Material Process Engineering option focuses on the processing of major agricultural commodities and developing new bio-based products to be applied as food materials or as raw materials for manufacturing industries. In the Processing Machine Design Engineering option, the students are exposed to the processing machinery elements design and dynamics as well as processing machinery system and automation.

The Department also offers Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Ph.D. degree programs in 4 main research areas including Food Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, and Agricultural Process Engineering. Both theoretical and application aspects of the programs are covered, which enable students to become specialized professionals.

As the demand for safe and abundant food has increased globally, we, at the Department of Process and Food Engineering, are always committed to improve our degree programme to cope with the  constantly evolving industrial needs thus producing graduates who are able to adapt to the current issues and challenges in the food and process industries.

Thank you.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khairul Faezah Md Yunos
Department of Process and Food Engineering

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