Are undergraduate students of the Faculty of Engineering (FK) required to return to their residential college?

It is not mandatory, the choice depends on the students themselves provided that the students must always be ready and have access to the faculty when needed (classes, laboratory, examinations, etc.) as stated in the document “Notice of Student Movement Returning to Campus for Second Semester Academic Session 2020/2021 Faculty of Engineering UPM ”on the statement ​"All FK undergraduate students are COMPULSORY to return to UPM Serdang campus for hybrid (face-to-face and online) T&L activities beginning 22nd March 2021."

What is meant by hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning means that there is a combination of mediums of teaching and learning (T&L) activities that are face to face and virtual depending on the academic schedule of the course.

Who needs to fill in the Google Form "F​ aculty of Engineering Student Information Requiring Campus Accommodation in Semester 2 2020/2021"?

All students of the Faculty of Engineering who need accommodation on campus in Semester 2 2020/2021. The purpose of this Google Form ​is to obtain a letter of support from the faculty to apply for accommodation at a residential college. Here is a list of students who need to fill out the Google Form​ ​:

1. Year 1 students who need a place in a residential college.
2. Students who have successfully secured a place in a residential college in the previous selection session.
3. Students who want to stay in a residential college but do not manage to get a place in a residential college in the previous selection session.
4. Students who fall into the Off-Campus Student (MLK) category.

For categories (1) and (2), students only need to fill in the ​Google Form ​while for categories (3) and (4), students need to submit a letter of support received to obtain permission from YBhg. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student and Alumni Affairs) via email (as stated in ​"Notice and Procedure for Administration of Student Admission to Universiti Putra Malaysia Residential Colleges, Serdang Campus, Second Semester, Session 2020/2021.")

This is because, a letter of support from the faculty is required to process the residence permit at the residential college, meanwhile, the college can take note if there are students who have successfully obtained a place at the residential college but do not want to stay at the residential college in the second semester of 2020/2021 session. The available quota can be given to students in categories (3) and (4) who need placement in residential colleges.

Are FK students allowed to be in the faculty area if there are no face-to-face T&L activities taking place?

Yes, students are allowed to be in the faculty area for the purpose of using the facilities provided in the faculty area such as computer lab, student porch etc.

Are there any letters provided for Faculty of Engineering students residing off campus?

Yes, a permission letter to return to campus will be distributed to students via email in the near future. The letter can be used for the purpose of daily movement of FK students to campus to undergo T&L activities.

Will the facilities at the Faculty of Engineering also be opened after?

Yes, facilities in the faculty such as libraries, cafeterias, etc. will be opened.

What is the process to return to campus if students need to cross the state / district?

Students need to apply and fill out a ​Movement Control Order (PKP) Permit Form or Conditional Movement Control Order (PKPB) Permit Form by ​PDRM to obtain permission from the police before performing the movement. Please bring ​a permission letter to return back to campus​ as a supporting document.

How many Departments are in the engineering faculty?

Currently Faculty of Engineering has 8 departments ; Department of Aerospace Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, Department of Computer and Communication Systems Engineering, Department of Process and Food Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

When did the UPM Faculty of Engineering start?

UPM’s Faculty Of Engineering, from its humble beginnings in 1975 was known as Faculty of Agricultural Engineering with only four departments and now has grown into one of the best engineering schools in Malaysia. To date, the Faculty has eight exciting departments offering eight Bachelor programs and 34 postgraduate programs, with combined enrollment of over 3000 for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

How to book facilities at the Faculty of Engineering?

We have a range of great facilities and we have a very condusive environment for staff in Universiti Putra Malaysia and students. We also provides rental services for laboratories, auditorium and recreation facilities. Contact Person:
En. Kamarol bin Abu Bakar,
Dean's Office,
Faculty of Engineering,
Universiti Putra Malaysia.
Tel: 03-9769 6258
H/P: 013-3654704

What are the requirements for admission to undergraduate students in the engineering faculty?

pleast visit -

What is the scholarship offered for postgraduate program?

Please visit for details of financial assistant and scholarships offered.

How much likely be the approximate tuition fees for postgraduate program?
Is the coursework program taught in the day time or evening or weekend?

Classes will be conducted in the evening 6pm to 9pm (weekdays) or during the weekend.

What are the criteria for Research Assistant and how to apply?

Applicant must not be an undergraduate or postgraduate student. Fill up the Research Assistant Application Form (PU/PY/BR44/PERSONELR&D) with a copy of supporting documents required in the application form.

How do students make claims?

Fill up the Claim and Mileage Form (SOK/KEW/BR48/BYR).  Fill up all the information required in Section A to F.  All receipts must be pasted on an A4 sized paper and endorsed by the Supervisor.  Attach a copy of bank statement for claim to be credited into the applicant’s bank account.

What should I do if I want to attend for a training / course / seminar?

Fill up the Permission for Attending for Training Form (SOK/LAT/BR02/Latihan02) and endorsed by Supervisor.  Attach details of the course together with the invoice and Instruction for Payment Letter, signed by the Supervisor.

How do I purchase Research Asset?

Fill up item 1 to 6 in the Research Asset Purchase Form (PU/PY/BR045/ASET).  Attach 3 quotations and copy of research proposal (if the asset is stated in the proposal).  Application will be submitted to RMC for approval.

The research center in the engineering faculty?

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