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The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is one of the 8  departments that have been established in the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti  Putra Malaysia.  At this moment, the department offers a degree in Bachelor of    Engineering with options in Mechanical Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering.    Besides that, the department also offers programs at the Master's and PhD levels. This   department used   to be known as the Department of Mechanical and System Engineering and it offers the program; Bachelor in Engineering (Mechanical and System).  There were 15 students who first enrolled for this program.  Later, in 1996, this program was changed to the Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with options in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.  Today, there are more than 300 students who are enrolled for this program.

The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering has high quality academic staffs who are actively involved in teaching and research which are recognized at the national and international level. In addition to teaching and research, the Department staff were also active in consultancy projects and publication.The department staff published articles in journals and conference proceedings and were also involved in organising national and international conferences.

The Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering program at Universiti Putra Malaysia is an engineering program that has provided exposure to the graduates in the techniques, instruments and in solving problems concerning mechanical and manufacturing engineering.  Besides that, the graduates also will gain knowledge and understand the principles of science and engineering.

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Assoc. Prof.  Dr Zulkiflle b. Leman,
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. 

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering's Organization Chart

Program Objectives (PEO) Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Program Outcome (PO) Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

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