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UPM Researchers Invented Drones From Pineapple Leaves

SERDANG: Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) researchers have successfully created unmanned aircraft (UAVs) or drones from natural fibers - pineapple leaves - and have electrical resistance.

The drone named Putra Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Putra UAV is the first such innovation to use natural fibers or biocomposite from pineapple leaves. It can fly up to about 30 meters and can be in the air for about 20 minutes.

With the special feature of having electrical resistance, it can prevent the occurrence of short circuits. It is also easy to repair in the event of minor damage.

                                                        Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr Mohamed Thariq menunjukkan dron Putra UAV.


The head of the research team, Prof Ir Ts Dr Mohamed Thariq Hameed Sultan said the Putra UAV structure consisted of a skeleton made of natural fibers. Other structures are rechargeable motors, blades and batteries. According to him, most drones are currently made of plastic, carbon fiber and aluminum which are categorized as synthetic fibers.

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