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Deputy Dean's Office (Research & Innovation and Industry & Community Relation)

Welcome to the Deputy Dean of Research & Innovation and Industry & Community Relations (TDPI), Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)


The division is responsible for facilitating the research efforts of faculty members with the acquisition of research funds, administration of the budget, identification of possible research alliances, income generation and coordination of industrial engagement initiatives.  Another important responsibility of the division is to foster faculty research output in the form of products or services to various government agencies and industries. It is envisaged that this initiative will increase the income generation for the faculty, which will be to everyone's benefit.

There are two (2) main portfolios/entities/units under TDPI:

  1. Research and Innovation Unit
  2. Income Generation and Industry & Community Relations (JINM) Unit


Main Task & Responsibilities of the Research and Innovation Unit:

  1. Updating/Recasting the research direction planning to be in line with the strategic planning and direction of the University's current needs.
  2. To identify/examine the needs for grant application for public, private and international grant. 
  3. Mobilizing/coordinating research activities and grant requirements as needed by the university. 
  4. Mobilizing/coordinating/managing each/every innovation activities and applications of our researchers. 
  5. Coordinating/managing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data for research and innovation. 

Main Task & Responsibilities of the Income Generation and Industry & Community Relations (JINM) Unit:

  1. Mobilizing/coordinating industry and community relations activities. 
  2. Managing and monitoring the trust fund of industry and community relations.
  3. Coordinating and facilitating each participations for design and research exhibitions.
  4. Planning for income generation activities. 


Link to the related documents for Research & Innovation and Income Generation and JINM: 



Organisational Chart







Deputy Dean (Research & Innovation and Industry & Community Relations) (TDPI)

Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd. Khair b. Hassan

Tel : +603-9769 6260
E-mail :,


Secretary Assistant

Anna Ashikin Mazlan

Tel : +603-9769 6260
E-mail :


   Research Grants and Publication Management 


Assistant Registrar 

Nabeelah Amnah Omar

Tel : +603-9769 4480
E-mail :


Executive Officer 4

Nur Hidayu Abu Hassan

Tel : +603-9769 6492
E-mail :

Scope: Pengurusan Geran Penyelidikan UPM dan Awam


Executive Officer 4

Fariesya Nabila Mat Noh

Tel : +603-9769 6491
E-mail :

Scope: Pengurusan Pembantu Penyelidik, Enumerator Pemantauan Geran Swasta & Antarabangsa


Administrative Assistant (Clerical/Operation)

Norroslinda Nordin

Tel : +603-9769 6477
E-mail :

Scope: Pengurusan Peruntukan Kewangan Penyelidikan

   Research Data Management


Executive Officer 3

Norliyana Abd. Karim

Tel : +603-9769 6252
E-mail :


Administrative Assistant (Clerical/Operation)

Nurul Farhana @ Kumalasari Abdul Aziz

Tel : +603-9769 6256
E-mail :

Scope: Pelaporan MyRA, KPI Penyelidikan dan Inovasi, Insentif Penerbitan Jurnal



  • Inovasi, Promosi dan Pendanaan
  • Sistem HiSTAF dan ICMS
  • Pelaporan KPI JINM
  • Tabung Amanah JINM


Faculty's Innovation & Income Generation Co-ordinator

Prof. Ts. Dr. Rosnah Shamsudin

Tel : +603-9769 6490
E-mel :


Faculty's Industry & Community Relations Co-ordinator

Dr. Diyana Jamaludin

Tel : +603-9769 4325
E-mel :


Executive Officer 3

Nurul 'Asma Mustafa

Tel : +603-9769 6493
E-mel :


Executive Officer 4

Fariesya Nabila Mat Noh

Tel : +603-9769 6491
E-mel :

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