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List of Industrial Training Documents

The training is carried out and evaluated based on the course outcomes as outlined by the Faculty. It is important to let the students, visiting lecturers and the supervisor at the training place aware of the course outcomes and the objectives of the industrial training. Thus, the industrial training is a compulsory course for all students as part of the fulfillment in Bachelor of Engineering program. The duration of the training shall be 10 weeks.

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  1. Industrial Training Implementation Calendar

  2. Industrial Training Handbook

  3. Industrial Training Placement Offer

  4. Self Report Confirmation Form

  5. Industrial Training Visiting Lecturer Report

  6. Industrial Training Student Report

  7. Evaluation of Industrial Training Supervisors

  8. Evaluation of Visiting Lecturers and Industrial Training Coordinators

  9. Application for Industrial Training Exemption

  10. Employer Survey Form

  11. Industrial Training Report Log

  12. Front Cover of the Log Book

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