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Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Laboratory Services and Department's Laboratory Safety Documents

Download forms for department's laboratory usage and services:

KBP 5 Lab Services or Equipment Usage Application Form (APPLY)


Download the document and forms related to laboratory safety: 

KBP Laboratory Safety Handbook

KBP Undertaking Laboratory Safety – This form must be filled after attended the department's laboratory safety briefing.

KBP 1 Risk Assesment Form (RISK)

KBP 2 COSHH Form (COSHH) – This form needs to be filled in if your lab works involved with any type of chemicals.

KBP 3 Declaration Safety Form (DECLARE)

KBP 4 Lab Working Outside Office Hour Permit (PERMIT) – This form needs to be filled in if required and it is subjected to the approval of the Head of Department.

KBP 6 Lab Access Application Form (ACCESS)


Names and Email Address list of KBP's Head of Laboratories and Staffs

Laboratory Services and Testing Offered by Department of KBP

Brochure - List of services with charge per service

For more information, please contact:

KBP’s Development Coordinator,
Dr. Muhamad Saufi Mohd Kassim
TEL      : +603-9769 6417

KBP’s Science Officer
Ts. Mohd Izhwan Bin Muhamad
TEL      : +603-9769 4405


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