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Department of Process and Food Engineering

Laboratory Services and Department's Laboratory Safety Documents
Department of Process and Food Engineering (KPM)

Guidelines on Filling up the KPM's Laboratory Safety Forms


Download forms for department's laboratory usage and services:

KPM Permohonan Perkhidmatan Pengujian dan Peralatan Makmal (APPLY)


Download the document and forms related to laboratory safety: 

KPM Laboratory Safety Handbook

KPM Undertaking Laboratory Safety Briefing – This form must be filled out after attending the department's laboratory safety briefing.

KPM Risk Assessment Form (RISK), COSHH Form (COSHH) & Declaration Safety Form (DECLARE)
– The RISK form needs to be filled in for every single lab work and needs to filled separately by the laboratory.
- The COSHH form needs to be filled in if your lab works involved with any type of chemicals, if not no need to fill this form.
- The DECLARE form needs to be filled in for every single laboratory that will be used.

KPM Lab Working Outside Office Hour Permit (PERMIT) – This form needs to be filled in if required and it is subjected to the approval of the Head of Department.

KPM Lab Access Application Form (ACCESS)

Application Form for Postgraduate Workstation Placement at KPM's Laboratory


Laboratory Services and Testing Offered by Department of KPM

Brochure - List of services with charge per services


Any question, please contact:

Department's Development Coordinator,
Ts. Dr. Mohd. Salahuddin Mohd Basri
Tel: 03-9769 4312

Department's Science Officer,
Ts. Mohd Izhwan Muhamad
Tel: 03-9769 4405

Department's Assistant Engineer, 
En. Mohd Zahiruddin Daud
Tel: 03-9769 6474

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