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Sustainable Process Engineering Research Center (SPERC)




Sustainable Process Engineering (SPE) is a multidisciplinary approach and is relevant to a wide range of industrial sectors. It impacts on each step in the production, manufacture and use of materials and chemical feedstocks and recovery & disposal of wastes. The sustainable processing of materials requires a wide understanding of chemical processes, and of the required energy and utilities supporting them. It includes the development of future process technology, the use of alternative resources or new reaction routes, and the design and operation of systems such that they use energy and resources more sustainably.


The overall goal SPERC focus on a whole systems approach can support understanding of the environmental, safety, economic, social and sustainability aspects of new technologies and processes, and can include entire product life cycle management, material reuse and waste reduction. By applying a system understanding, policies and interventions can be explored that would support embedding sustainable technologies in existing systems at different scales (single organizational, local and national).


The research niche areas includes a broad range of activities such as utilization of the renewable feedstocks; the development of novel routes for production of chemicals (i.e  the use of catalysis and bio-catalysis; biomass conversion and bio-refining, process intensification, nanotechnology, and the development of renewable and low carbon energy) and emphasize on industrial reliability ( design, modeling, optimization and control). It also includes assessment of the sustainability of products and processes in terms of environmental, social and economic studies.  is developing newer, greener and more efficient processes for diverse applications. Our


Recognizing the agricultural sector as the main key sector in Malaysia, ensuring that these materials conversion is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable is the core focus of the proposed research centre. With a multidisciplinary of an integrated specialist team that draws experts together from chemical engineering, environmental, and computer engineering combining their resources and skills in order to meet the industrial and environmental challenges of the new millennium, SPERC can be one of the focus areas in strengthening the research activities and productivity in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).




Developing solutions towards sustainable Energy and environmental, socioeconomic challenges


  • To develop relationships with the key stakeholders such as governments, communities, non-governmental (NGOs) and industries in order to develop a strategy for application of basic and applied research in areas of proposed niche areas.


  • To strengthen research networking within the universities, communities & industries through various collaborations, projects, research grants and consultations both locally & internationally.


  • To strategize and generate the research activities and consultations works between the universities, industries & communities thus greater impact through this symbiosis.


  • To develop scholars and credible experts which are in line with the status of UPM as the lead university in the niche areas.



  1. Renewable feedstocks/products (synthesis, characterization & recoveries)
  2. Innovative processes/technologies development (thermal, bioprocess, catalytic, electrochemical, etc)
  3. Industrial Realiability ( prosess design, optimization & simulation, process safety)
  4. Sustainability ( environmental, social-economic studies)



  1. Prof. Ir. Wan Azlina wan ab karim ghani
  2. Dr. Robiah yunus
  3. Dr. Luman chuah Abdullah
  4. Dr. Thomas choong shean yaw
  5. Prof. Dr. Mohamad amran mohd salleh
  6. prof. Dr. Salmiaton Ali


  1. Dr. Azni Idris
  2. Prof. Dr. Mohd Razif Harun
  3. Prof. Dr. Rozita Omar
  4. Dayang radiah Awang Biak
  5. Nur Syakina Jamali
  6. Mohd Syazaruddin Mat Said
  7. Nik Norliyana Nik Ibrahim



  1. Gas Chromatography with Automated Thermal Desorber for VOC
  2. Gas Chromatography with TCD and FID Detector
  3. FTIR (functional group detection)
  4. HPLC System
  5. SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy – surface morphology)
  6. Bomb Calorimeter (calorific value)
  7. Thermogravimetric Analyzer (proximate analysis)
  8. Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  9. ICP-AES & AAS (metal determination)
  10. And others





Project Leader

Research Title

Approved Amount




Grant Name


Wan Azlina

Wan Abdul

Karim Ghani

Understanding Of Biomass And Energy-Food-Environmental-Water (BEFEW) Nexus





Wan Azlina

Wan Abdul

Karim Ghani

Simultaneous Sox-Nox Removal Using Impregnated Metal Oxide



Geran Putra


Thomas Choong Shean Yaw, Omale Sunday Ogakyu

Carbon Idoxide Sequestration By Direct Mineral Carbonation Using Malaysa Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Slags



Geran Putra


Thomas Choong Shean Yaw, Lee Siong Hoong

Horizontal Separator Performace Study



Geran Putra


Luqman Chuah Abdullah@Chuah Teong Guan, Thomas Choong Shean Yaw,

Synthesis Of Spherical Nanocellulose -Nano Silver Hybride



Geran Putra


Mohamad Amran Bin Mohd Salleh, Wan Azlina Wan Ab Karim Ghani, Azni Idris

Enhanced Pyrolysis Using Biomass Microwave Carbonizer (Bmc) To Convert Palm Oil Biomass (Empty Fruit Bunch) Into Biochar As Alternaive Fuel Source



Geran Putra


Wan Azlina Binti Wan Ab Karim Ghani

Microwave-Derived EFB Biochar As Potential Solid Fuel For Power Generation



Geran Putra


Chuah Teong Guan @ Luqman Chuah Bin Abdullah

Particle Sizing, Mechanical, Mophological, Rheological  And Powder Behavior Or Mixing Of Methyl Ester Sulfonates Under High Shear Mixer



Geran Putra


Wan Azlina Binti Wan Ab Karim Ghani

Optimization Of Enzymatic Hydrolysis From Microalgae And Bioactive Peptide Fractionation Using Ultrafiltration Membrane As Antioxidants



Geran Putra


Robiah Binti Yunus

Crude Palm Oil Extraction System For High Oil Recovery



Smart fund




Title of Project/Programme



Menilai Sistem Pengeluaran Biochar Dan Activated Carbon

KNR Systems Inc. Korea


Biochar To Treat Contaminated Curcas Burial Site In Korea

Biochar Research Center, Kangwon University, Korea


Production, Characterization Of Biofuels From Selected Seeds Of Lagenaria Species

University Usmanu Danfodiyo, Nigeria


Design Small Scale Biochar Production System

Hakita Engineering Sdn. Bhd


Perunding Fermentation Processes For Johnson&Johnson

Olive Global Sdn. Bhd.


Committee Of International Biochar Institute Product Standardization And Definition

International Biochar Initiatives (IBI)


Memorandum Persefahaman (Mou)

Green Technology Corporation


Biochar Plant

Nasmech Technologies Sdn Bhd


Biochar Carbonization System

Majari Sdn Bhd


Municipal Solid Waste (Msw)

Characterization And Composition

Analysis From Jeddah Landfill, Saudi Arabia For The Proposed Development Of Waste To Energy Plant In Jeddah

Green Energy Sdn Bhd


Gasification Testing And Analyses On 1 Kw And 5kw Reactor

Crops for the future research centre


Design, Fabrication And Training Of 30KW Gasifier System For Power Generation

Crops for the future research centre


Design And Testing Of Gasification System For Eureka Synergy Sdn Bhd

Eureka Synergy Sdn Bhd


Understanding Biomass On Energy-Food-Environmental-Water Nexus (BEFEW)

University of Bath, UK, UKM, UTP, UNMC


Optimisation Of Biomass For Future Biorefineries



Biodisel Production From Fat Oil And Grease

Pakar Go Green Sdn Bhd



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